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June 18, 2018

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HiBeams Demo Day

September 1, 2017

Wednesday August 9th, HiBeams and 10 other teams gave their investor pitches at the Simone Center's Investor Demo Night.

This event was meant to show each team's pitches for their startup in the Summer Startup accelerator program. Each team gave amazing presentations showing what their businesses would accomplish in the near future. The teams include:


DADCo: creates inexpensive EMG-integrated consumer products based in wearable technology and bionic prostheses.


GRETA: provides a wearable technology solution that allows patients to observe therapy progress, measure improvements, and provide motivation and better therapeutic compliance.


VIGN: aggregates high-quality video content in sign language.




Green Phoenix: provides eco-friendly living memorials for people who have had their loved ones or beloved pets cremated.


HEDE Education: provides a set of interactive educational activities for children to learn sign language through apps. The product encourages both preverbal and early-language development through activities.


Ripple: an online community where freelancers can collaborate on projects to obtain consistent incomes while keeping flexible work schedules.


Pixture: provides a real-time photo streaming, facial recognition and event photo- sharing platform.


Ambient PV: supplements battery life by harvesting ambient indoor lighting and eliminates the need to change batteries in Internet of Things (IoT) devices each year.


Fanous Studios-Huruf: a suite of educational mobile games that teaches children formal Arabic.


ChannelSuurf: an online community for sharing and discovering underappreciated online videos.


This was also an opportunity for HiBeams to demonstrate our first product, The IllumiSkate to the spectators. During the program we worked as a team to prepare for this event with prototype testing and market research.







Over the summer we have been working on customer discovery and market research by going to events such as the Zumiez Best Foot Forward skating competition in Buffalo and Queens NY. Along with this we worked with local businesses such as Krudco Skateshop and Old Skull Skateboards.




We were also hard at work with the IllumiSkate prototype, making new iterations and testing the technology.
With the summer coming to an end it was satisfying to see our work being shown to the coaches, the other teams, and the spectators. Through this program HiBeams was able to develop and can only continue moving forward.


Thank you all who showed up and helping us make the world just a bit brighter and stay tuned for more updates.




-The HiBeams Team



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"Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been."

     - Albert Einstein

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